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Recruitment Assistance.

Fixed Fee Recruitment Support Using an Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment can be a time-consuming job, so we offer fixed fee recruitment support to help you manage your recruitment needs using an applicant tracking system to give your applicants a great first impression of your organisation. Our experienced team will provide support on every step of the recruitment process.

Our standard package starts from £899 plus VAT (charity discount applies) and includes:

  • Initial planning of the recruitment such as assisting with the job description and advert and market research for salary banding;

  • Use of the Hireful applicant tracking system branded for your organisation;

  • Option to anouymise the candidates information at shortlisting stage
  • Free online recruitment training for Hiring Managers;

  • Setting up the vacancy and advertising as per the level of service you select (all roles are advertised on Indeed for up to 4 weeks). Additional advertising costs may apply;

  • Regular updates throughout the process;

  • Managing the candidate communication throughout i.e. acknowledging applications, rejecting candidates;

  • Interview scheduling; and

  • Report on advertising media used and equal opportunities data.

Learn how we protect your data in our recruitment privacy notice:

Are you looking to eliminate potential unconscious bias from your hiring process?

With our recruitment service, you have the option to anonymise candidate information up to the interview stage, reducing unconscious bias in your selection process. We're here to help you ensure that every candidate receives an equitable opportunity, allowing you to move away from selecting talent solely based on credentials and instead focus on identifying skills, abilities, and potential.

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To find out more about our services, give us a ring on 01865 660040 or contact us with the link provided.